• K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Gift Box

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    Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller and legendary Italian olive oil producer Armando Manni have teamed up with a vision to develop the world’s highest quality chocolate. The result of their collaboration: K+M Chocolate.

    Developed through extensive research with the University of Florence in Italy, K+M Extravirgin Chocolate’s proprietary method for producing chocolate allows each batch of beans to be custom- processed to preserve not only the natural antioxidants but also the true flavor of the cocoa beans. The addition of a small amount of heart-healthy, organic MANNI extra-virgin olive oil infuses the chocolate with its signature texture while also boosting its antioxidant levels.  K+M’s Head Chocolatier Chi Bui sources the world’s best cocoa beans, traveling to remote locations to establish personal relationships with our growers.

    True to the reputation of its founders, K+M Extravirgin Chocolate takes chocolate in a new, delicious and healthy direction.

    For the ultimate gift giving experience, we have developed a beautiful four-pack gift box. We offer a focused assortment of bar combinations elegantly presented.


    For the milk chocolate enthusiast, we pair our creamy and luscious Milk Chocolate offerings with our sophisticated Dark Milk Chocolates. The four pack includes: Milk Nicaragua, Milk Ecuador, Dark Milk Nicaragua, Dark Milk Ecuador.

  • K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Gift Box
  • K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Gift Box
  • K+M Extravirgin Milk Chocolate Gift Box

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