• K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Four Pack Gift Box

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    We offer you an exclusive curated gift box featuring milk, dark milk and dark chocolate bars from K+M Extravirgin Chocolate. Made from our unique process of combining single-origin cocoa beans and MANNI organic extra-virgin olive oil, founders Chef Thomas Keller and Tuscan olive oil producer Armando Manni have taken K+M Extravirgin Chocolate in a delicious and healthy direction. With a variety of origins and flavor profiles, you’re guaranteed to please the chocolate lover in all of us. Our four-pack gift box includes one single-origin milk chocolate with sublime creaminess; two origins of dark milk chocolate for those looking for the bridge between milk and one single-origin dark chocolate.

    • 1 Extravigin Nicaragua Milk Chocolate
    • 1 Extravirgin Nicaragua Dark Milk
    • 1 Extravirgin Ecuador Dark Milk
    • 1 Extravirgin Peru Dark

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