• Bouchon Bistro Service Essentials (Items Sold Individually)

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    Chef Keller's nationally acclaimed Bouchon Bistro, offering authentic French bistro fare in Yountville, California. and Las Vegas, is unique because of Chef's unfailing attention to detail in both the kitchen and the dining room.  
    These gifts offer a taste of the dining room essentials used at Bouchon for every brunch, lunch and dinner service, beginning with a Peugeot peppermill ($60), which has been celebrated as the ultimate benchmark in the art of grinding for nearly two centuries.  Made with wood from PEFC certified Europen forests, Peugeot's exclusive patented steel mechanisms, including spice-specific mechanisms for each spice, provides users with world-famous reliability and unparalleled grinding quality. 
    The carafe ($29) for water or wine is etched with the iconic beach ball, just as those used in the Bouchon dining rooms.
    A set of two beach ball embroidered kitchen towels ($29) allow for detailing plated presentations and maintaining a clean workstation in a restaurant or at home.


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