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    Chef Thomas Keller is delighted to introduce a new collection of artisanal chocolate bars, simply named K+M Chocolate. This bean-to-bar collection offers single-origin chocolates as bars featuring unexpected inclusions, all roasted ground and molded by hand in small batches in Napa Valley, California. K+M Chocolate represents the cornerstone of an expanded array of Keller + Manni’s bean-to-bar offerings, crafted with exacting standards and meticulous attention to detail.

    This collection includes six flavors:

    • K+M Dark Chocolate 85%, Hacienda Victoria Ecuador
    • K+M Milk Chocolate 50% Golden Milk
    • K+M Dark Chocolate 70% Yuzu
    • K+M Milk Chocolate 55% Truffle Fries
    • K+M Dark Chocolate 68% Carenero Venezuela
    • And our newest addition: K+M Dark Chocolate 73% Peru + Limo Chili

    Roasted, ground and molded by hand in Napa Valley, California. Packaged with recycled paper and compostable foil.  

  • K+M Chocolate Collection
  • K+M Chocolate Collection
  • K+M Chocolate Collection

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