• K+M Single-Origin Chef’s Bar: 77% Waslala Dark


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    77% Waslala Dark, Single-Origin Nicaragua

    Black Olive / Licorice / Black Treacle / Lapsang Souchong / Pomelo

    As the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious Michelin Guide, Thomas Keller has established a reputation for excellence unparalleled in American cuisine. In Tuscany, Armando Manni has forged a similar reputation for quality by producing super-antioxidant, extra-virgin olive oils. Together, they have spent the past five years on a unique mission: crafting the world’s finest chocolate. The result of their collaboration: K+M Chocolate. True to the reputation of its founders, K+M Chocolate takes chocolate in a new and delicious direction.

    Available in 1 kg bars, K+M Chef’s Chocolate is used widely in daily production in the pastry kitchens of The French Laundry, Per Se and Bouchon Bakery. These pastry chefs use the Chef’s Chocolate bars for chocolate ice cream, chocolate éclair filling, bonbon fillings, pudding, mousse, custards, chocolate curls and shavings.

    Our 77% Waslala Dark is made with single-origin cocoa beans from the remote Waslala region within the central highlands of Nicaragua. Few paved roads connect the country’s second largest city, Matagalpa, to Waslala, making the journey difficult and long. Brix tests ensure optimum ripeness is reached at harvest to deliver consistently high quality cocoa beans. The fresh beans then undergo a specific fermentation process to meet our flavor and aromatic profile preferences. The resulting 77% Waslala Dark is a bold and expressive chocolate, with a touch of savory flavors, and ample fruit and floral notes.


    Features: Savory and bold flavors compliment a smooth texture

    Pairings: Chocolatier Chi Bui partnered with Chef Keller’s pastry team from The French Laundry to suggest the following complementary flavors: candied citrus, pumpkin, ginger, pistachio, and mascarpone.

    Available in 1kg bars.

    Made in Napa, CA, 94558.

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