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    Please note, chocolate is sold by the box, which includes 8 chocolate bars.

    Madagascar Extravirgin Chocolate
    Starting with notes of grapefruit—sweet, tart and with a slight tinge of bitterness—the Madagascar Extravirgin opens up to offer a honey and light brown sugar sweetness, balanced with a little acidity and the complexity of green olive. It has a smooth and silky mouth feel—not quite velvety, but lighter—and a clean finish.

    + grape fruit, bright, crisp, silky


    As the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious Michelin Guide, Thomas Keller has established a reputation for excellence unparalleled in American cuisine. In Tuscany, Armando Manni has forged a similar reputation for quality by producing super-antioxidant, extra-virgin olive oils. Together, they have spent the past five years on a new mission: crafting the world’s finest chocolate—and one that retains the significant antioxidant health benefits of cocoa beans. The result of their collaboration: K+M Extravirgin Chocolate.

    The cocoa bean is naturally high in antioxidants that not only provide much of the aroma and flavor of chocolate, but also offer a wide range of health benefits, including aiding in the prevention of heart disease and fighting high blood pressure. Standard methods used today for turning those cocoa beans into chocolate can result in the loss of as much as 60 percent or more of those antioxidants.

    K+M Extravirgin Chocolate sources the finest cocoa beans directly from farmers, then processes them in a unique way to preserve the antioxidants commonly lost in the chocolate-making process. Developed through extensive research with the University of Florence in Italy, this signature method allows each batch of beans to be custom processed to preserve not only the natural antioxidants but also the true flavor of the cocoa beans. K+M then adds a small amount of heart-healthy, organic Manni extra-virgin olive oil in place of the traditional cocoa butter. The addition doesn’t change the flavor of the chocolate, but instead gives K+M an additional boost of antioxidants.

    True to the principles of its founders, K+M Extravirgin Chocolate takes chocolate in a new, delicious and healthy direction. It’s good for the body, good for the soul.

    The K+M team seeks relationships with farmers whose cocoa beans measure up to K+M’s standards and then offers them a fair price for their product. The farmers become partners,
    not just in growing the beans, but also in the supply chain, ensuring the raw beans are handled to K+M specifications. K+M Chocolatier Chi Bui evaluates each new type of bean when it is raw and roasted, using all the senses to determine its aromatic compounds and extrapolate the potential of the cocoa in chocolate bar form.

    Cocoa beans that pass her initial test are then sent to the University of Florence, where researchers who helped K+M develop their production methods check the antioxidant potential of the cocoa. It is only after the beans clear this secondary evaluation that K+M proceeds with procuring quantities for chocolate-making.

    Sourcing the best beans is a priority, but it is only the start of the K+M Extravirgin Chocolate story. K+M’s innovative process helps its chocolatier prescribe exactly the right handling to realize the full potential. Each step from the farm to the chocolate-making process to the special packaging allows K+M to generate a chocolate rich in antioxidants and unique in flavor.

    As they have throughout their careers, Thomas Keller and Armando Manni founded K+M Extravirgin Chocolate by sourcing the finest ingredients and working to preserve what makes them special. Collaborating with the University of Florence in Italy, the team developed a method for processing each batch of beans to best preserve the antioxidants that provide K+M Extravirgin
    Chocolate with its health benefits as well as its unique and one-of-a-kind taste and smell.

    The health benefits of antioxidants have long made headlines. They help fight high blood pressure and help prevent heart disease and other conditions. Chocolate is naturally high in one type of antioxidants, called flavonoids, while olive oil is naturally high in another type, called polyphenols. The combination makes it easier for the body to receive the full benefit.

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