• K+M Extravirgin Chocolate Three-Pack Assortments for Easter

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    As the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple three-star ratings from the prestigious Michelin Guide, Thomas Keller has established a reputation for excellence unparalleled in American cuisine. In Tuscany, Armando Manni has forged a similar reputation for quality by producing superantioxidant, extravirgin olive oils.

    Together, they have teamed up with a vision to craft the highest quality chocolate—one that retains the significant health benefits of cocoa beans and olive oil. The result of their collaboration: K+M Extravirgin Chocolate. A new dimension in bean-to-bar chocolate.

    For the ultimate K+M Extravirgin Chocolate seasonal gifting experience, we have developed elegant three-pack assortments for Easter, sure to please any chocolate lover.

    Milk Chocolate Bundle Milk Ecuador | Dark Milk Nicaragua | Milk Nicaragua
    Nicaragua Collection Milk Nicaragua | Dark Milk Nicaragua | Dark Nicaragua
    Spring Combo Milk Ecuador | Dark Peppermint | Milk Nicaragua

    Good for your body, good for your soul.

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