• Finesse, The Garden Issue


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    While this issue is inspired by Chef Keller's  Culinary Garden, it starts a larger conversation about farming and the importance of sustainability and the role of growers and consumers.

    Beginning with the farmers perspective - this issue looks at how they decide what to grow and how they are succeeding in this economic environment.  Diane St. Clair, a long standing butter purveyor for The French Laundry and Per Se,  as well as Farmer Lee Jones, share their stories of how a small, family-run business has succeeded through listening to the changing needs and tastes of the restaurant industry.  

    Some of Chef Keller's respected colleagues - Chefs Neil Perry, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Rene Redzepi - talk about the value they place on quality of ingredients, and their equally firm points of view on sustainability.  

    Peter Jacobsen, a long-time partner and collaborator to Chef Keller explains how chefs have inspired him and influenced the produce he grows.

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