• Finesse The Store 6 Pack Scented Candles by Joya

    Finesse The Store

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    Buy the entire restaurant collection and receive the the discounted bundle price. 


    Restaurants should be gathering places—places to gather with family and friends, commemorate special moments and make new memories. But a fine meal is made up of so much more than the food; how do we remember the details that make our experiences unique? We rely on our senses. 

    Laura Cunningham, Vice President of Branding and Creative Development for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, sought a way to preserve these sense memories. 

    Understanding the layers of care and attention that go into the guest experience, she pursued a partnership with someone who would capture these layers for guests to take home.

    Frederick Bouchardy runs one of the finest fragrance houses in the world, Joya, based in Brooklyn, NY. Frederick has been making bespoke scents for designers, artists, and discerning brands since 2006.

    Together they embarked on a deliberate and beautiful journey. Beginning in 2016 Frederick and Laura collaborated to find a balance among more than 120 raw materials that would encapsulate the place, time, and feeling behind The French Laundry, Per Se, Ad Hoc and Bouchon. In 2020, they partnered to reimagine their original collection and added two more: La Calenda and The Surf Club. The scents were then built from scratch, without bases or accords, in a process reminiscent of fine perfume-making.

    In line with each restaurants’ philosophy of sustainability, each of the components of the candles incorporate a green factor. From the 100% post-consumer recycled paper packaging to the reusable glassware, each decision reflected both Frederick and Laura’s commitment to sustainability. 


    In line with the restaurants’ philosophy of not wasting and using all the trim, each of the components of the candles incorporate a sustainability factor. From the organic paint, recycled paper and glue-less bottoms of the boxes, each decision reflected both partners’ commitment to sustainability.

    • Designed and handmade in Brooklyn, NY, by Joya exclusively for Finesse, The Store.
    • Each candle has a 60 hour burn time and weighs 1 lb.

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