• "In a Pinch" Ad Hoc Salt Cellar

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    Chef Thomas Keller has hand-selected three favorite salts used in his kitchens for your use at home. The salts, housed in a three-tier bamboo box, are all sourced from England and France. Sea salt flakes from the revered British Maldon Salt Company are a go-to for Chef as a finishing salt for fish and shellfish. He prefers Sel Gris, a hand-harvested salt from the marshes of Brittany, France, as a finishing salt for meat because of its unprocessed texture and unadulterated taste. France’s Fleur de Sel, which is harvested by using the premium top layer of a salt bed, provides an aromatic salt that is perfect for enhancing vegetables.

    • Sea salt flakes (1 oz) Sel Gris (1 oz) Fleur de Sel (1 oz)
    • 3.5" x 5"
    • "In a Pinch" Ad Hoc Salt Cellar
    • "In a Pinch" Ad Hoc Salt Cellar

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